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NC ACDIS CDI Professional of the Year award


The North Carolina Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (NCACDIS) CDI Professional of the Year award is designed to recognize an individual who stands out as a consummate representative of the best attributes of a CDI professional. This professional embodies NCACDIS’ mission “to promote continuing education programs and professional growth for Clinical Documentation Improvement professionals”.


 The CDI Professional of the Year:


  •    Serves as a role model and mentor to peers

  •    Demonstrates leadership in activities that contribute to the enhancement of the CDI            profession

  •    Has affected visible change or improvement due to his or her initiatives

  •    Has taken meaningful steps to achieve continuous professional development in CDI

  •    Has made a difference in his or her facility and in the broader CDI community/profession




To that end, nominees for the annual CDI Professional of the Year award should have:


  •    An active NCACDIS membership

  •    Served at least three years as a CDI professional at the time of his or her nomination

  •    An active CCDS, CDIP certification, or 3 years as an Outpatient CDI Professional

  •    An active position within the CDI department or serving the CDI profession

  •    NCACDIS officers and board members are not eligible for the award while in office.




Successful candidates for the NCACDIS CDI Professional of the Year award should also be able to demonstrate exemplary performance within their current role by (for example):


  •   Demonstrating innovation and creativity in a challenging project or program

  •   Exhibiting outstanding leadership/management skills (candidates need not to be program managers to earn the award)

  •   Fostering teamwork and collegial activities

Nomination considerations:


The following questions are designed to assist the nominee and his/her colleagues in the submission process. The nominator will/should work in conjunction with the nominee to provide:


  • Current job description

  • Resume

  • Minimum of two letters of recommendation (letters from colleagues, coding or other departments, and the executive level are not uncommon for this award)

—  Supportive evidence of accomplishments (e.g., sample article, PowerPoint presentation, tip sheet, facility newsletter, etc.)

Evaluation considerations:


 All nominations will be evaluated by the NCACDIS Board. The committee will consider the following questions:


  • What makes this nominee stand out from their peers?

  • Does this nominee exemplify the ethical standards of the National Association?

  • Does this nominee advocate for the CDI profession and NCACDIS?

  • How has the nominee encouraged others to progress?

  • What has the nominee done to promote or improve standards in their field?

  • Has the nominee participated in a leadership capacity?

  • What challenges has the nominee faced? How have they overcome them?

  • Is the nominee involved with any related professional associations? If so, in what capacity?

  • How does the nominee foster teamwork and good staff relations?

  • How does the nominee go "above and beyond" to make a difference?


Selection process :


  • Nomination submissions will be accepted August 1-31st annually through the email site.

  • The NCACDIS board will review the nominations and make a selection by October 1st.

  • The winner will be notified via phone call and email by the NCACDIS President or designee.

  • The award will be presented at the Fall Conference in November.



  • 1-year NCACDIS membership

  • 1-year free NCACDIS conferences (May through April)

  • HCPRO gift card $300

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