To Host A NC ACDIS Conference

⃞  1. Location/Venue

  • For approximately 100 people

  • Equipped with Microphone (headset or handheld), Lecture Stand, Screen A/V Equipment and Laptop with USB port for thumb drives

  • Tables:

      • Seating arrangement for 100 attendees

      • Registration table (with 2 chairs),  

      • Tables or arrangements for buffet lunch presentation, (tablecloths)

  • Obtain Food/Catering considerations for Venue for Board

  • Water should be available throughout conference time.  

  • Physical address/Map, Parking and walking directions to the conference area.

  • Parking: Is there a fee for the participants to park? Closest Handicapped Parking? Adequate parking for a number of participants? Shuttle service?

⃞  2.  Date

⃞  4.  Local recommended hotels.

⃞  5.  Physical Signage directing participants to locale on day of Conference

⃞  6.  Local random gifts for Door Prizes

⃞  7.  Host Facility Leadership Welcomes participants on the day of the conference
⃞  8.  Has 1-2 “Conference Day Runners” to assist in coordinating Conference needs during the event.

Host a Conference

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