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To Host A NC ACDIS Conference



1. Select a Location/Venue

  • For approximately 100 people

  • Need the exact max capacity of the room to capitate participation, if needed.

  • Equipped with Microphone (headset or handheld), Lecture Stand, Screen A/V Equipment and Laptop with USB port for thumb drives

  • Is there is a charge associated with the availability/use of the equipment (some facilities charge per item and also charge per hour to have an audiovisual person on site?

  • Does the Venue have Teleconferencing Capabilities - Skype, Webinar

  • Tables:

    • Seating arrangement for 100 attendees - prefer tables with chairs for participants,

    • Registration table (with 2 chairs),  

    • Tables or arrangements for buffet lunch presentation, (tablecloths) - same or different room - any associated costs with “set-up”, additional  Lunch space?

  • Obtain Food/Catering considerations for Venue for Board

    • Does the food have to be prepared by the Venue -?

    • is food allowed to be brought in? (ie breakfast foods

    • .List of local restaurants to consider for catering

  • Vendor contact

  • Add the menu to the conference webpage

  • Water should be available throughout conference time.  

  • Physical address/Map, Parking, and walking directions to the conference area. If appropriate, forwarded to NC ADCIS Board for advertisement – NC ACDIS Flyer, NC ACDIS webpage and on the National ACDIS website

  • Parking: Is there a fee for the participants to park? Closest Handicapped Parking? Adequate parking for a number of participants? Shuttle service?

2. Date


3.  Local recommended hotels.


4.  Physical Signage directing participants to locale on day of Conference


5.  Local random gifts for Door Prizes (NC ACDIS Board assists with Gifts well (Free Local Conferences, Books from ACDIS, etc)


6.  Host Facility Leadership Welcomes participants on the day of the conference

7. Has 1-2 “Conference Day Runners” to assist in coordinating Conference needs during the event.

Host a Conference
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