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North Carolina Chapter of ACDIS welcome all clinical documentation integrity specialist and other healthcare professionalss interested in attending our meetings for professional growth and networking opportunities.



The mission of NC ACDIS is to promote accurate documentation in coding medical and surgical services by providing a medium for continuing educational programs, promoting professional growth and program recognition ultimately providing networking opportunities.

We are excited to inform you all that we have no objections and we have a candidate, Vinu Sen, who will be joining us as the President-Elect!

Vinu will start working immediately in the elect position so that she can then transition to the President position on January 1st, 2025. 

Many Congratulations, Vinu!


A little bit about Vinu:

Vinu Jyothi, MBBS, MPH, CCDS is currently the director of physician clinical review at CorroHealth. Vinu has been with CorroHealth for the last 3 years, from physician reviewer to QA manager. Before CorroHealth, she worked as a CDI specialist for multiple hospital facilities including St. Mary’s Hospital NJ and Naples Community Hospital FL, and as a DRG auditor for MedReview and Cotiviti. Vinu obtained her medical degree from Madras Medical College, India, pursued her master’s in public health at UT Houston and is CCDS certified. She lives in Cary NC with her family and her current hobbies are traveling and learning a traditional Indian dance form. 


We welcome Vinu to the NC ACDIS board!


ELECT POSITIONS OPEN- Nominate yourself or someone for NC ACDIS Board for 2024 Year- we need elect members to keep NC ACDIS going! 

As the popular saying goes, "Many hands make light work." Hence, we must work together as a team towards our common goal. We invite you to join our team so that we can collectively provide educational and networking opportunities to all our members.

As we prepare for the upcoming year, we still need volunteers for some elect positions. 

Current open positions are: 

Secretary elect

Treasurer Elect

Social media coordinator elect 

Please note: 

You do not need to reside in the state of NC to volunteer or to become an elect board member. 

You do not need to have an NC ACDIS membership to volunteer/nominate yourself. 


  1. We still need new volunteers for the 2024 year for elect positions. 

  2. Either click the link to fill out the form or just reply to the email! Link for 2024 Board Member-elect positions:

  3. Benefits of becoming a Board Member include:

    1. Current NC ACDIS officers and retired Board members are exempt from NC ACDIS membership dues and conference fees for a maximum of (4) years.

    2. National ACDIS provides LOCAL CHAPTER leadership a discount of 50% off ACDIS membership (or related products excluding: live events [conferences and in-person Boot Camps]) for the subsequent year. 

      1. Note: This discount may be applied only after the successful execution of the details included within this agreement at the discretion of national, for successful completion of leadership responsibilities.



We kindly ask for your consideration in either volunteering or nominating someone to help ensure the continued success of NC ACDIS! 



Thank you for joining us at our first NCAHIMA NCACDIS conference February 1st! 

Thank you for joining us for our 2023 Winter Conference!

We Need Your Help!!



It is that time again to think about becoming part of something great. Consider contributing your time to the NC ACDIS Board so that we can continue to provide you with CEU and Networking Opportunities.


We need future board members to be able to continue to provide webinars and conferences for all our members and non-members! 

Please consider becoming an elect board member. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us!

All Positions are available to be a 2024 Elect Member!!!  We hope to be able to announce new elect members at our winter conference in December.

Link to Apply or Nominate someone for a 2024 Elect Member


Please go here for information regarding each position:


Terms run from January through December or a calendar year.

For PowerPoint Presentations and Evaluations for CEU's

Go to the top of the webpage click on the NC ACDIS Meetings drop-down menu (password protected for attendees) 

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